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March 31, 2008

Share Microsoft Outlook Calendars and access appointments online with OfficeCalendar v4.5

Lookout Software, LLC announces the release of OfficeCalendar v4.5: Share Microsoft® Outlook™ calendar, contact and task information with colleagues; access your calendars online; and more

DALLAS, Texas, USA (March 31, 2008) – Lookout Software, LLC has just released OfficeCalendar Version 4.5, an easy to use software alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server that allows users to easily share their Outlook information with colleagues and coworkers, create group calendars, and now offers Outlook web access so users can view their Outlook calendars online.

OfficeCalendar's most spotlighted features include the ability to let users share their Outlook calendars without the cost and complexity of Exchange Server. However, OfficeCalendar's latest release, Version 4.5, takes this feature one step further by allowing users Outlook web access to their calendars online. "By far the most requested feature from the OfficeCalendar user community, as well as prospective OfficeCalendar users, has been Outlook web access. We agreed, and with OfficeCalendar Online, we delivered." – Tom Garrett, Vice President of Customer Services for Lookout Software.

OfficeCalendar Online gives those who don't always have access to Microsoft Outlook on their desktop PC the ability to access their personal, shared, group and resource Outlook calendars from anywhere, at anytime, using a web browser. Outlook web access is ideal for users who travel or work from public computers frequently.

"Implementing OfficeCalendar has streamlined how we make appointments, re-schedule appointments and is very helpful to have on our laptop, for when we are out of the office," said Bobbie Lee, an OfficeCalendar customer.

OfficeCalendar v4.5 is an upgrade to Version 4, which featured the ability to synchronize Outlook distribution lists and receive appointment notifications when edits are made to your calendar by other OfficeCalendar users. OfficeCalendar also highlights valuable features such as the ability to create group calendars, control security and shared access rights, and much more; all without the need for Exchange Server.

Another OfficeCalendar customer, Norrie Macdonald, said "I think the level of professionalism that Lookout Software has is probably due to the fact that the product is targeted and of value to small enterprises where the costs and complexities of MS Exchange Server cannot be justified."

Each person wishing to share Outlook calendars, contacts, and/or tasks using OfficeCalendar must have a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003 or 2007. However, OfficeCalendar can work with a mixture of these Outlook versions. OfficeCalendar does not work with Microsoft Outlook Express, a different product from Microsoft Outlook.

About Lookout Software

Lookout Software was founded in the summer of 2003 with the goal of providing practical and affordable software solutions that solve common business problems for small to mid-size businesses and professional organizations.

OfficeCalendar was released by Lookout Software in May 2004, and since that time has evolved through several versions to the most recent, Version 4.5. Lookout Software staff and developers are continually striving to better OfficeCalendar and gladly embrace feedback from customers. To download a free 14-day trial version of OfficeCalendar Version 4.5, or for more information about Lookout Software and OfficeCalendar, visit the website at www.officecalendar.com.

Other Lookout Software Applications

Office Timesheets is a web-based time and expense tracking software application designed for project and/or job driven organizations that desire accurate accounting and project or job budgeting, costing with real-time reporting and billing. It is offered in two versions: hosted or self-installed. For more information about Office Timesheets or to set up a free 30 day trial, visit www.officetimesheets.com.

RSSCalendar was recently acquired by Lookout Software in the fall of 2007. RSSCalendar is an innovative online event and calendaring syndication solution that can be used for a variety of web-based calendaring needs. For more information about RSSCalendar or to set up a free online calendar, visit www.rsscalendar.com.

Anti-Dupe (www.anti-dupe.com) is a free Outlook add-in utility that removes duplicate records in your Outlook folders. Attachment Security for Microsoft Outlook (www.attachmentsecurity.com) is another free add-in that gives you access to almost any Outlook blocked attachment.


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